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Need Assistance Right Away, Please Call SEDNET/Counseling at 754-321-3421 or Contact the Crisis Text Line - Text "FL" to 741741.

In a case of suicide assessment, SBBC employees can use the following supports to assist:

  • Mobile Crisis Response Team 954-463-0911(may take time to arrive)

  • School Resource Officer (SRO)

  • Law Enforcement

If student is in imminent danger to self, contact law enforcement or SRO first.

Suicide Prevention

Welcome to Broward County Public School's Suicide Prevention site. The Suicide Prevention Manual is a brief overview of best practices for schools regarding suicide response and needs. In addition, there is reference to other tools for schools such as the After A Suicide: A Tool Kit for Schools out of the Suicide Prevention Resource Center. School staff may also view the Brainshark on Suicide Prevention. For schools wanting a more in-depth discussion and review, a live training is available upon request.

Training can be done in small groups or in a larger group for staff. Student education is also available but must be done in small groups over three to four sessions for middle and high school students and twelve sessions for fifth grade students. The student curriculum used is listed in the suicide prevention registry as a promising best practice. For more information or to set up a training contact the SEDNET office at 754-321-3421.

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Chauntea S. Cummings, Ed.S.

SEDNET Project Coordinator/ESE Counseling

Exceptional Student Learning Support