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Child Abuse

Child Abuse services are intended to improve the overall achievement of students by removing them from harmful and stressful circumstances, if necessary, and providing remedial supports for them to achieve academic success. Every year the principal of each school appoints a child abuse designee to assist teachers and school personnel with the reporting process and all other matters related to child abuse, neglect and abandonment in the school setting.

The program provides the following services:

  • A self-directed online Child Abuse and Neglect training to increase the knowledge and skills of teachers and other school personnel as they learn indicators of suspected abuse, neglect and abandonment, and report them timely to the Florida Abuse Hotline.
  • A specialized training for all school-based child abuse designees.
  • Case consultation to school-based child abuse designees, school administrators, teachers and other school district staff (including charter schools) who are responsible for mandatory reporting.

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